Williamson Cattle Company
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Williamson Cattle Company currently owns/leases/manages 2000 acres of catfish ponds.

A catfish farm consists of watching oxygen levels in the catfish ponds, feeding catfish, and seining catfish. During the spring/summer months, oxygen levels in the catfish ponds are watched during the night and morning hours by monitoring meters on each pond. If the pond oxygen level is low (4.0 ppm or below), then electric aerators are turned on to circulate the water in the pond in order to make the oxygen level hold or increase. If additional aeration is needed, then tractors with pto paddlewheels are put into the water to help.

Feeding catfish consist of driving large International Trucks that have bins attached, which hold approx 13,000 lbs. of catfish feed. The truck is driven around the catfish ponds and feed is propelled out of the bin by a blower into the fish ponds. During the spring/summer months we feed the catfish everyday. During the cooler months they are fed every other day.

When catfish mature, normally 18 months, they are harvested/seined and sent to processing plants. To seine a pond, a net is pulled while people in a motor boat drag the net of fish to a certain area in the water. Once all the fish are in the net, in the pond, then a boom truck is used. The boom truck lowers a mesh basket into the net to dip the fish out and then dump into a live haul truck. The live haul trucks will deliver the catfish to a processing plant for processing and shipping. Live haul trucks are supplied by the processor or a contract hauler.


4892 County Road 12
• Faunsdale, Alabama 36738

334 289-4095
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Williams Cattle Company

A diverse family agricultural operation running approximately 8,000 head of cattle with calves on acreage in Okeechobee, Florida, Alabama and Texas, along with citrus in Florida and catfish in Alabama.