The Citrus Groves at Williamson Cattle Company Early in the life of the Williamson Cattle Company ranch, the benefits of several types of citrus became very clear. The citrus groves on the property yield red and white grapefruit. These types of citrus are then exported to Japan and Europe. Thanks to the hard work of the Williamson ranch, consumers around the world can enjoy these fantastic Florida citrus. The bitter and tangy bite from the red and white grapefruit produced by Williamson is part of a very important global market. Approximately one-half of the world’s output of grapefruit comes from the U.S. commercial production of grapefruit. The Williamson Cattle Company is proud to be a part of the global industry that is grapefruit.

Another aspect of the citrus production at the ranch includes growing early and late-season oranges for the creation of processed orange juice. Once again, the Williamson ranch leads the way in the area of citrus growth. Many news organizations are critical of growing for processed orange juice because of the large amounts of water that are needed to yield the fruit. To counteract this potential environmental burden, the Williamsons have made an agreement with the Okeechobee Utility Authority. This agreement says that the ranch can use reclaimed water from the Okeechobee area that has been treated to a quality declared safe by the University of Florida. The result is unsoiled and uncontaminated water that benefits the citrus trees and the local community.


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Williams Cattle Company

A diverse family agricultural operation running approximately 8,000 head of cattle with calves on acreage in Okeechobee, Florida, Alabama and Texas, along with citrus in Florida and catfish in Alabama.